Area / Task Research on Education and Training
Contract Number ERBSOE2CT982037
Title Implementation of Virtual Environments in Training and Education
Clusters Innovation in Education and Training via technology
Keywords education, ICTs, training, higher education, curriculum, open & distance learning, post-secondary education, training organizations, distance education, innovation in E&T organizations, international aspects, language
Description Taking advantage of the new information and communication systems, there are emerging many different experiences where traditional public institutions and training organisations are moving towards new ways of open and distance education. Participants in what is currently called "virtual campuses" are now experiencing new ways of teaching and learning. This new scenario arises tensions in the organisation and functioning of both public and private institutions. On the other hand, the new ways of telematics-based learning crosses geographical borders, challenging E&T systems all around Europe, and posing new questions to the European cultural diversity. The central objective of this proposal is to investigate the issues involved in the implementation of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in post-secondary public educational institutions, as well as in training institutions. The project will focus particularly on looking for a holistic view when tackling the main issues mentioned. Within this context, the key objectives of the project are : to map out the teaching and learning approaches in VLE, especially those arising from combining face-to-face and distance education methods in traditional institutions and companies. to critically assess the impact of European diversity into international VLE, in relation to common elements of curriculum, language issues, and institutional adaptation of the E&T systems to open and distance learning to contribute to innovation in public educational Institutions in relation to the restructuring of its functioning, the co-operation with similar European institutions and with the private sector when implementing VLE
Coordinator Dr M. BARAJAS FRUTOS
Universitat de Barcelona
Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa- Facultat de Pedagogia
Passeig Vall Hebrón, 171
Tel. 34-93-4037223
Fax. 34-93-4035014

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